I’m a very happy spunky girl. You would never know I was born with a broken heart.


When I was brought to rescue as a wee puppy, I had a grade 4 heart murmur. I went to a big fancy university hospital and they put a button in a hole in my aorta. They fixed me right up!


I was adopted by a family that just wasn’t a good fit for all of my fabulousness. When they returned me to rescue, I chose mom to keep me furever! Adopting me was a real growing and learning experience for mom because I am a “soft dog” and all of my brothers are bull-headed baffoons


Mom had to change her training style and approach with me. It was a painful process for both of us, but we are all the better for it! And so she says I came to complete the pack.


Once you pick yourself up off the ground, I would like to close by telling you what a sweet, gentle girl I am. But my screws are a little loose too. I’m quirky but cute, and maybe a bit of an acquired taste. I love being the only princess in boy land, and I get right in there with my brothers when it comes to wrestling and getting messy!