Please be patient with me because I am very shy. I was born in a puppy mill and spent the first 15 weeks of my life there until they decided I was too damaged to breed or sell. 


The moment mom set eyes on me, she knew I was hers. I’m still not so sure about her. Humans are scary and mean. They grab you and your siblings by the throat and lift you out of your home and throw you in cages. They poke, prod, and yell at you.


Mom has never hurt me, but I still don’t trust her. I run away if she gets too close. Sometimes I get so scared, I pee on myself.


I try to show her I appreciate her by kissing her all over early in the morning before she wakes up! My doctor is helping me learn to trust by giving me anxiety medications. I hope one day I am secure enough to let mom cuddle me. It sure looks nice!


For now I enjoy being rowdy with my siblings. Sometimes I get a little carried away, but it’s the only time I am comfortable enough to let loose and be me!