Hey! I’m Simon! And I’M PERFECT! You should’ve seen mom the first time she saw me. She was like a kid in a candy shop. Within five minutes I had her wrapped around my little paw. Hook. Line. Sinker. She was mine!


Mom says I am a combo of Julian and Maurice—adventurous yet snuggly, playful yet calm. Guys, that basically means she thinks I’m perfect. None of these other bozos has a chance! All I have to do is look at mom and she giggles like a little school girl. I can do no wrong and I get whatever I want. (Not that I have a big head or anything.)


Hmm...maybe that’s the Julian part she was talking about. Anyway, I don’t let my small size hold me back. Soon I will be one of the big dogs. For now I just like to wrestle with them and annoy them.